Anita J Sabey
Trauma Therapy Specialist

07947 549922

EMDR Therapy –Wakefield/Leeds


I provide an EMDR service to adults, adolescents and children in West Yorks.

Traumatic events happen to every one. Some are easy to recognise, such as bereavement or a car crash. Others are less obvious, or maybe happened at a young age so seem to have been forgotten

Traumatic memories can become locked both in the brain and in the body in their raw, unprocessed state. However, when a memory is triggered then it can feel like it is happening all over again in the form of flashbacks or nightmares. This can be frightening and can make every day life difficult.

Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing (EMDR) is a highly effective way of processing traumatic memories. It is one of the few methods for working with traumatic memories recommended by the National Institute of Clinical Excellence (NICE) - 2005.


My combination of skills and experience enables me to work with all ages adapting the therapy to each individual. For more info follow the linlks below:

Child and Adolescent Therapy services

I provide a specialist therapy service treating children and adolescents who have experienced trauma, integrating my skills and experience in EMDR, child-centred Play Therapy and other creative approaches.

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